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About Health Insurance

The new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has raised more questions than answers concerning the availability of health insurance plans for individuals and families across the country. There are many good options for most people that were not available before. This new bill will change a lot of things, but it will not change the fundamentals behind the price and benefits of the plans.

One major difference now is that everyone is or will be eligible for a plan. Before this bill passed, anyone who needed an individual or family medical insurance plan had to go through underwriting. During this process your health history determined whether or not you were eligible for coverage. People with a history of cancer or diabetes, or any of a number of very common illnesses, were not eligible for health insurance outside of a plan from an employer. Employer plans have always been guaranteed to anyone regardless of health history.

Short Term Health Insurance

For those that need insurance right away for just a few months, short term health insurance plans are an affordable alternative to the other major medical plans. Some people need medical coverage for a short period of time between jobs or waiting for other coverage to start and short term health insurance plans are perfect for their situations.

Health Insurance Companies

There are many insurance companies that are on the cutting edge of providing up to date health plans that comply with the laws to give you the coverage that you need. Assurant Health and Celtic are a few companies we offer here that commit to the individual and family medical insurance market. The links provided at the top will take you through to data about the new policies available. Everything can be done online in minutes. If you see a plan that fits your needs at a good price, you can apply within 5 minutes from your computer.

Medical Insurance Options

If you are not eligible for one of these plans, you will generally be eligible for a state's health insurance risk pool program. These plans are not less expensive than the private plans, but they do provide benefits for people with chronic illnesses at a reasonable rate.

In 2014, the federal government will have exchanges established where insurance companies will place approved plans that are guarantee issue. If you purchase a plan from the exchange it will not be less expensive than a plan outside of the exchange. However if you use the exchange you will be eligible for a tax credit based on your income to be used to purchase medical insurance. So while the price of the policies will be as high, the subsidy from the government could cut the amount you have to pay for the plans.

Some benefits are available now among all new plans. All new medical plans automatically include benefits for an annual check-up for zero deductible and zero copayment. Also, children are eligible to stay on their parents’ plans until they are 26 even if they do not currently go to college. If you have any questions about new updates, call us. We started as exclusively North Carolina Health Insurance agents but have used the power of the internet to expand around the world. All links are up to date with current data from the companies themselves.

Purchasing Health Insurance

For most people purchasing insurance is not something they do often. Usually they get benefits either through their employer or a spouse's employer and they don't make any decisions. In that situation people can either choose to take the plan from the employer or not. Sometimes they can choose between several plans. But for many people they get the plan that the employer decided that they should get. So when people are in a situation where they have to purchase the health insurance on their own, they have many new decisions that they can make to determine the benefits that they get and more importantly how much it costs.

The first thing that surprises many people is that they might not qualify if they have some health problems. Everyone qualifies for the health plan for an employer. If you have cancer or any other disease that could disqualify you for a medical insurance plan on yourself, you can still get on a plan through an employer. When people are told that they can not get insurance because of a health issue they can be shocked. There is a plan for everyone in every situation. However the best plans at the lowest rates are going to be reserved for the people who are in the best health. If an individual does get declined for an individual or family medical insurance plan there are usually state high risk pools that guarantee coverage for people who do not qualify for anything else. These plans are not inexpensive, but they are good coverage at a reasonable rate. Many states already had a high risk pool system in place for the individual market before the PPACA plan was passed in the US Congress. However the law did create a new federal high risk pool for states that wanted to participate. Check to see if your state participates in a federal high risk pool too. The PPACA is supposed to cover all people, but the details are still being worked out by regulators. People who don't qualify will need to get insurance through insurance exchanges run by the IRS. The IRS will determine how much federal assistance the individual will get to pay for premiums of plans within the insurance exchanges.

If you are in good health then you will find many good affordable plans available too you. Determining which plan will be best for you depends on what your priorities are. For example, some people want to pay more per month for coverage so that when they use the insurance at the doctor's office they pay as little as possible for the visit. For other people, they don't care about the regular doctor visit but they are concerned about a large major medical bill for an unexpected illness. These people might just need a high deductible health plan along with a Health Savings Account. The higher the deductible the lower the premium. So you have to determine where your comfort zone is with how much you pay each month compared to how much you pay when you need medical assistance.

Health Insurance Plan Details

When you find a plan you like make sure you look at all the details. If you have questions, make sure you contact an insurance agent to make everything clear. It only takes a few minutes to apply online and coverage can generally be in effect by midnight of the day you sign the application. Some people don't want to talk to an agent and this site makes it easy for them to take care of their insurance needs without needing to speak with anyone. We have tried to make this site easy to use and useful to you. Shop around, compare plans, call us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the best decision for your needs. Call or email and we'll be happy to help.