Short Term Health Insurance

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Short Term Insurance

Many people learn that short term health insurance plans might be the best option for their needs. If you need coverage for a temporary period of time, this can be the easiest and most affordable solution. These plans are full major medical plans that are approved by each states' departments of insurance, just as any other program offered in the state.

Domestic short term health insurance plans are designed to cover an individual or family for periods of one month up to eleven months. Coverage is typically instant issue based entirely on a few medical questions on the application. If these questions are properly answered then you automatically qualify for the insurance without having to wait for a human underwriter. The entire process of getting quotes, information, and applying online for short term health insurance plans should take less than 5 minutes. As soon as you complete the application insurance cards are instantly emailed to you..

Who should consider these temporary medical insurance plans?

People between jobs are often offered COBRA benefits, but the price can be outrageous. Sick individuals who take medications for chronic illness might be better off with the expensive COBRA insurance plans. Healthy Americans need health coverage for emergency situations but they might not need all the expensive benefits COBRA might include. These temporary health insurance plans can be hundreds and even thousands of dollars left and still provide the coverage that many people might need.

People waiting for benefits from a job could get a few months of temporary coverage in case something happens before their benefits start. Seniors waiting for Medicare can save a lot of money if they don't have many medical expenses. Right before Americans turn 65 they are paying the most for insurance they ever have. At age 64, right before Medicare starts, Americans can save hundreds of dollars and still have the coverage for hospitalization and surgery in an emergency.

Students who graduate usually come off of their parents' policies. Or if they don't come off of their policies, they could save money with temporary plans until they can find a job that provides benefits that they need. Other students who go on a field trip and need coverage can use short term insurance to become eligible for the trip. Some people who go on a ski trip get coverage to protect against an emergency room bill just in case.

The amount of savings between these short term health insurance plans and COBRA or other plans is remarkable. You do not have to get a physical or wait for medical records to be sent by your doctor. You don't have to wait for a human at all. Everything is completed online and coverage is determined instantly. Call us if you have any questions or concerns or need assistance. Thank you.